The Petropol group in figures

– A storage of more than 30 000 m3 of petroleum products in Papeete

– A presence in 15  French Polynesian islands such as Moorea, Bora Bora, Hao, Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa and Rurutu where Petropol owns warehouses with an overall capacity close to 1500 m3

– A fleet of  30 tankers  runs every day on Polynesian roads

– A network of 23  Mobil gas stations serving both individuals and professionals

– A lubricants and other specialty products warehouse  with a  surface area of 3000 m2

– A presence in New Caledonia with its Petrocal branch

– The Petropol group is represented by almost 200 professionals serving its Polynesian and Caledonian customers


Integrated in a highly competitive world with limited resources and in a market subject to very demanding local and international legislation, the  Petropol group is determined to take on the numerous challenges to remain a major economic player, simultaneously responsible and competitive.

By following an Excellence Policy in terms of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, Petropol commits to reduce its own carbon footprint by offering products with better return.

And because such a challenge cannot be taken up alone, the Petropol group shares on a daily basis its environmental ambitions with every single partner of its.  

Mobil Tahiti

A word from the CEO

«Meeting the constantly increasing needs of Polynesians in energy, being involved in the sustainable development at a socio-economic level as at a human level,  

These are our daily issues and activities that we pursue in accordance with the environmental and economic needs of communities within which we operate in order to protect safety, health and environment.  » Marc SIU
Chief Executive Officer

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