Our MOBIL loyalty cards

On the road, Mobil loyalty cards offer you real benefits!

Make the trip easier with Mobil loyalty cards.

Mobil loyalty cards are smart cards designed to make your trip easier.  Whether you are an individual or a professional from a company or a public administration. Those cards will lead your purchases to all certified Mobil gas stations in Tahiti and Moorea.

Nowadays, Mobil cards offer you:

– A wide products range

– Help in your vehicle(s) management

– A maximal security of use      

Mobil Tahiti

… savings and simplicity!


Mobil Tahiti

Designed for both individuals and professionals, the blue Mobil loyalty card allows you to safely use credit to pay.


Mobil Tahiti

The green Mobil loyalty card is an immediate payment card.

Discover the numerous benefits of our Mobil loyalty cards with our teams!

Fuels, lubricants, tires, accessories or groceries, newspapers, tobacco, etc.

You can either get a free access to all our products and services with the Mobil card or you can chose a restricted access to fewer products and make sure to manage effectively your credit !

Every month, you will receive a detailed invoice per vehicle and per product as well as a kilometer statement in order to evaluate your average consumption per 100km per vehicle. According to your needs, Petropol has implemented key indicators to allow a better regulation the consumption level and type that are specific to you. Hence, if you own a company or if you are part of public administration, the statement will also provide you with statistical data for the last 12 months of consumption.

Available upon request:

– A monthly threshold can be set if required  

– A 4 figures secret code can be attributed to you

In case of loss or theft, you can simply request the card cancellation.

To facilitate the trip and effectively manage your vehicle consumption, Mobil gas stations staff is entirely at your service. It will provide you with any necessary information about the Mobil card use.