Security, Hygiene and the Environment - S.H.E.


As a key player of the French Polynesia development, Petropol has to be a corporate citizen. Safety is a fundamental human value for us, a guarantee of quality and efficiency, and a responsible company duty. Thereby, every single activity we have is part of a commitment process towards the Polynesian and Caledonian communities.

French Polynesia has a remarkable biodiversity and its remoteness makes it even more sensitive, that is why it is necessary to act in its favor.   This commitment is characterized by the staff and partners awareness to environmental risks prevention; and by the implementation of responsible operating practices in order to reduce the environmental impact of its activities as well.

Mobil Tahiti

Just like ExxonMobil Petropol is determined to reach and maintain excellence in terms of Safety, Health, and Environment.  Therefore, Petropol has been committed to follow the example of ExxonMobil OIMS Policy which set itself the goal to reach the « 0 » accident and pollution risk in all its gas facilities. 

Mobil Tahiti

Through its « Safety, Health and Environment Commitment » charter, the Petropol company has demonstrated its willingness to control risks inherent to its activities nature and to guarantee a « without accident work place ».    


A screening, analysis, and risk management strategy

Safety protocols in gas stations  

SHE audits within its installations, in Tahiti and its islands

Strict maintenance and improvement of the storage and shipment conditions procedures

Regular and efficient staff trainings and regular communication about risks inherent to the activity

A selection of partner companies which share those SHE requirements and principles.