Mobil Tahiti


Petropol take up the challenge of a strong logistical implantation in Tahiti and its islands in order to satisfy any industrial customer, such as power plants or the building sector.

Mobil Tahiti
Petropol advices and guides its industrial partners in terms of fuel storage and supply logistics.
Industry - Fuels


Petropol, partner and supplier of the islands power plants.

Supplying the farthest islands from Polynesia in Energy   constitutes a major challenge that Petropol takes up every day thanks to its experience in logistics.

Historical partner of EDT, we are committed to meet the Polynesian community needs in electricity.

Débarcadère de Puka Puka


Petropol supports companies of the building sector and participates to the French Polynesia islands development.

We also actively participate to the development of Tahiti and the Polynesian archipelagoes in the building and public works sectors for our communities’ well-being.  

Our know-how in terms of logistics (in order) to supply the most remoted islands with hydrocarbon products is recognized by our partners.

Petropol supply amongst other things on site fuels storage elements (tanks, containers).

Plus, you can trust Mobil Industry products with your engines !


10 ppm diesel

Why the introduction of the 10 ppm Diesel?
The 10 ppm diesel is a clean fuel that allows protecting the environment by producing much less particles in the atmosphere than usual diesel.  Thanks to this effective fuel, diesel particulate filters are protected, thus the engine lifetime and performances are enhanced.

What are the benefits of the 10 ppm Diesel?
This fuel optimizes the consumption of you vehicle thanks to a more complete combustion:

– Meets the highest requirements of car manufacturers
– Extend your engine lifetime
– Optimizes the running of vehicles equipped with the last generation of car catalysts which eradicate
– Decrease particles emissions of diesel engines whether they are equipped or not with diesel particulate filters.

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