Mobil Tahiti

Number 1 amongst synthetic engine oils in the world, Mobil 1 is an engine oil range with very high performance approved and recommended by leader car brands to allow your engine to work at its best capacities.

Your engine is constantly subject to major stresses, that is why Mobil has developped an engine oil range able to guarantee and preserve your engine functioning under any circumstances.  

Automobile, Industry, Marine, Aviation

Thanks to our structure:

– A close to 3000 m2 warehouse located in the Tipaerui valley, in the center of Tahiti economic activity

– A commercial and technical service with an expertise of more than 50 years gained nearby our partner ExxonMobil, world leader in this field.

– Delivery and logistic departments able to make deliveries in Tahiti and its islands.

We are able to meet any professionals need on the entire territory and in any activity sector.  

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

Our Mobil products range

Engine oils

Mobil Delvac

For more than 80 years, Mobil Delvac has been a reference on the lubricants market. Its technology is used by the best car manufacturers in the world.  

Mobil Delvac represents the commitment of ExxonMobil to research and development in order to offer state-of-the-art products and to allow vehicles to work at their maximal level of performance.

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

La Mobil Delvac 1 – 5W-30

Fully synthetic oil for industrial diesel engines, engineered to guarantee an advanced protection of modern low-emission engines, to potentially improve fuel saving and to offer other benefits such as the engine longevity, the emission control system’s protection and the extension of the period between each oil change.  

La Mobil Delvac MX 15W40

Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 is a high performance mineral oil for naturally aspired or turbocharged diesel engines, engineered to minimize engines wear and prolong their lifetime.

Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 is recommended for all diesel engines of commercial vehicles, 4×4s, buses, trucks, heavy plant machinery, generators,  boats…

Transmission Mobil Range (Automotive/Industrial)

Manual Gearboxes Transmissions

Mobil’s Transmissions oils range is high performance oils for mechanical transmissions and axles. They meet international specifications and are recommended by car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz.

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti


High performance 100% synthetic oil for highly requested mechanical transmissions and rear axles of passengers’ vehicles. Recommended for any passengers or commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, bus, etc.


High performance oil for mechanical transmissions (BV) and axletrees of passengers or commercial vehicles, and 4X4. They must be used whenever an API GL-5 level of performance is requested by the industry or car manufacturers.


High performance car transmissions oil made from high quality oils and specific additives designed for limited-split applications.


Road vehicles transmissions’ oil made from high performance basic oils and especially selected additives. Recommended by ExxonMobil to Mercedes Benz manufacturer in applications requesting the MB 235.1 standard.


Very high performance transmissions oil for difficult operating conditions, designed to meet or exceed Caterpillar TO-4 specifications. Mobiltrans HD are only made for the lubrication of power shift transmissions, gearboxes and final drives.


Very high performance multifunctional oil designed for the lubrication of hydraulic circuits and transmissions and for tractors transmissions.

Automatic Gearbox Transmissions

MOBIL MULTIPURPOSE ATF : 220, 320, 3309, LT 71141, SHC

High performance hydraulic mineral oil, semi-synthetic or 100% synthetic for the lubrication of automatic cars’ transmissions.

Refer to the manufacturer’s manual to identify the best lubricant for you or contact us for more information.


Mobil synthetic oils - Circulations

La gamme des Mobil SHC 600 : 629, 630, 632, 634, 639

Gears and circulation synthetic oil, designed to work under a wide range of temperatures. Very long operating period thanks to their high thermal stability and their outstanding resistance to oxidation.  Mobil SHC 600 oils are, amongst other uses, recommended for circulation grease and for lubrication of sliding or rolling bearings, even though they are heavily loaded.

Mobil Mineral and Semi-Synthetic Oils – Turbines Oils

La gamme des Mobil DTE Oil : Heavy, Heavy Medium, Light, Medium

High quality oil for turbines and circulation, recommended for the lubrication of steam or hydraulic turbines. They are also suitable to grease during continuous processing of sliding or rolling bearings.

Good thermal stability and quick water releasing (demulsibility). Those oils meet the following standards: DIN 51 524-1, DIN 51 515-1 L-TD and DIN 51 517-2 CL.  The Mobil DTE Oil Light and the Mobil DTE Oil Medium are certified   : GE GEK 28 – 143 A. Mobil DTE Oil Light is also certified GE GEK 46 – 506 D et 27 – 070.

Mobil Mineral oils and semi - synthetic – Refrigeration Compressors Oils

La gamme des Mobil EAL Arctic : 32, 46, 68

Very high performance oils, fully synthetic, which contribute to the environmental protection and designed for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors working with HFC type cooling fluids, without any impact on the ozone layer.  The Mobil EAL Arctic oils are made from Polyester (POE) type basic oils, and are miscible with HFC type cooling fluids. They are recommended for any domestic or industrial refrigeration unit, including chiller systems and refrigerated trucks. Mobil EAL Arctic 22 CC is especially engineered for an effective running of Copeland compressors.

Mobil Mineral and Semi-Synthetic Oils – Compressors Oils – Vacuum Pumps

La gamme des Mobil Rarus 400 : 424, 425, 426, 427, 429

High quality mineral oils, for fixed or mobile single or double stage air compressors. Depending on their stickiness, they are recommended for the lubrication of rotating or reciprocating air compressors. Outstanding wear protection. Furthermore, the Mobil Rarus 400 oils do not contain ashes, and they meet DIN 51 506 VD-L requirements and specifications.

La gamme des Mobil Rarus 800 : 827, 829

The Mobil Rarus 800 oils are synthetic oils with outstanding performances, designed for the lubrication of (fixed or mobile) air compressors. They are meant to be used for single or double stage reciprocating piston air compressors, used under difficult operating conditions. Minimized deposit formation, even under high pressure or high discharge temperatures.

Mobil Mineral and Semi-Synthetic Oils - Hydraulic oils

Mobil Tahiti

La gamme des Mobil DTE 20 : 24, 26, 27, 28

High performances hydraulic oils, made from high quality basic oils. Excellent circuits cleanliness and remarkable wear protection. The Mobil DTE 20 oils benefit of a long lifetime in operation and a great filterability, even while being exposed to water.  Depending on their stickiness, they are Denison HF-0, Vickers I-286-S and M 2650-S certified.

Mobil Mineral and Semi-Synthetic Oils – Reduction Oils

La gamme des Mobilgear 600 XP : 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 68, 680

Gears high quality oils, with amazing properties – Increased pressure. Good teeth protection, even under heavy loads. The Mobilgear 600 XP oils suit any enclosed gear, whether the grease is made by bubbling or circulation.

Mobil Mineral and Semi-Synthetic Oils - Circulations

Mobil Velocite Oil : N° 4 et N°6

High performances oils for the lubrication of high speed applications machine tool pins. Remarkable thermal stability and great resistance to oxidation, hence the low level of deposits on bearings.

Outstanding protection against corrosion, good defoaming properties and easy water releasing.

Huiles Mobil synthétiques pour compresseurs - Pompes à vide

La gamme des Mobil Rarus SHC 1000 : 1024, 1025, 1026

Mobil Rarus SHC 1000 oils are fully synthetic oils with outstanding performances, designed for the lubrication of (fixed or mobile) air compressors of rotating, with screws or with palette types. Minimized deposit formation. Very long service period between 2 oil changes.


Mobil Tahiti

Mobil Grease Special

Extreme pressure grease with lithium thickener, containing molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) amongst others, for a reinforced protection of the engine components lubricated. Mobil grease Special is especially good for bearings working under heavy loads’ lubrication, but can also be used, for instance, for wheel hubs, frames, and hinges grease. It can also be used to grease any automobile, farming, transportation or public works equipment.  

Mobil Grease XHP 222

High performances greases suitable for many fields of activity: industry, public works, transportation, automobile, marine, etc.  The Mobil grease XHP oils are engineerd to tackle any difficult operating conditions:  good performance at high temperatures, resistance to water washout, to high loads, to strokes and repeated impacts. Besides the Mobil grease XHP 322 Special contains molybdenum disulphide,   (MoS2) for a reinforced protection of the engine components lubricated.

Mobilux EP 0 et Mobilux EP 1

Industrial high quality mineral grease, with lithium thickener. Good wear, rust, and water washout protection. The Mobilux EP suits for the lubrication of equipment working in wet environment.  They can be used on most industrial equipment. Mobilux EP 004 is especially designed for gear boxes garnishing and for enclosed gear garnishing.  


Mobilgard: 312 et 412

The Mobilgard 12 oils are dispersive detergent monograde oils for medium-speed diesel engines lubricants operating in difficult operating conditions with mediul Sulphur load distillation fuels.

Mobilgard ADL 40

Mobilgard ADL oils are dispersive detergent monograde oils for medium-speed and speed diesel engines lubricants   supercharged or not, operating in difficult operating conditions with mediul Sulphur load distillation fuels.

Mobilgard M440

TBN 30 engine oils, designed to be used in medium-speed diesel engines, charged with unused fuels and subject to the most difficult service in ships and land-based facilities.  

Aviation products

Aviation products

Mobil Jet Oil II

High performance synthetic lubricant for the lubrication of aircrafts gas turbines.

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Mobil Tahiti


Mobil Tahiti


Mobil Tahiti


Mobil Tahiti