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Our gas stations network in New Caledonia

Since 2009, Petropol has been present in New Caledonia through its branches Petrocal and Sermodis NC. The Petropol group owns a gas stations network in development and is made up of 3 Mobil gas stations in 2018.

Mobil Pont des français - Grand Nouméa

The gas stations’ exploitation first began in 2010 through the creation of Mobil Pont des français gas station which also became the leader in terms of sales.

Station Mobil Pont des français

Mobil Koné - Koné

In 2015, Sermodis NC acquired Mobil Kone gas station and rebuilt it. Then it was reopened in 2017 including a « Supérette » (Minimarket) of 240m². Thus, making Mobil Kone the gas station owning the largest store of our network.

Mobil Koné - NC

Station Mobil Ducos - Nouméa

In October 2017, Sermodis NC purchased Mobil Ducos gas station and rebuilt it entirely, still with a store area matching the « Supérette »’s (minimarket) area. Its reopening is scheduled for 2018.

Therefore, from French Polynesia, the Petropol group owns 3 gas stations in New Caledonia. One of them is the leader in terms of sales and the other one is the leader in terms of store area.

Our gas stations are open 24/7

Mobil Pont des français

Address: 390, avenue des Deux Baies – Mont-Dore
Phone: (+687) 46 60 07
Email: mobilpdf@mls.nc
Manager: Hédi OUHARROU

Mobil Koné

Address: R.T 1 – Koné
Phone: (+687) 47 25 61
Email: stalou@lagoon.nc
Manager: Rodolphe LOUYS