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With a team entirely dedicated to individuals and professionals needs, Petropol make every effort to constantly innovate and find lubricants adapted to your practical applications in order to improve your equipment efficiency and productivity while decreasing maintenance costs and extending your equipment lifetime.

Mobil Tahiti

Vehicle engine oils

So as to guarantee an optimal protection of your vehicle and to meet all the car manufacturers’ requirements, Petropol commercializes the Mobil 1 range, flagship of our brand and leader on the synthetic lubricants market, and the Mobil Super and Mobil Delvac ranges.

100% synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral oils, our whole range of lubricants and specialties are recommended and approved by numerous car manufacturers.

Mobil has been amongst the greatest engine oils brands for more than 60 years!   

Mobil vehicle engine oils allow you to:

Benefit of the best protection for your engine

– Increase your engine lifetime and to avoid expensive repairs

Maintain your engine performances and cleanliness

Mobil products offer solutions adapted to your engines through a wide range of engine oils, transmission oils, gearbox and differential oils, 2 stroke and 4 stroke moto oils, grease, coolants, etc…

Mobil Tahiti

Our Mobil products range

Engine oils

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is 100% synthetic engine oil engineered to guarantee the most advanced protection and an exceptional level of performance even in extreme operating conditions.  

To guarantee this optimal level of performance, Mobil 1 protects your engine at high temperatures, maintains its cleanliness and prevents mud and varnish to plug or to fix themselves on critical elements.

Chosen by top racing teams and by the greatest car manufacturers, Mobil 1 is the number 1 synthetic engine oil.

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30

The Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 5W-30 oil is synthetic engine oil with high performances engineered to increase emission control systems lifetime and to preserve the efficiency of vehicles with gasoline, Diesel or turbo Diesel engine.  

Mobil 1 – ESP 0W-40

Mobil 1 ESP 0W-40 is 100% synthetic engine oil, engineered to increase the emission control systems efficiency and lifetime for gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Fully compatible with new diesel particulate filters (DPF) and gasoline engines’ catalytic converters.

Mobil Super

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

Mobil Super 2000

Mobil Super 2000 is a mix of synthetic and mineral engine oils engineered to guarantee a high level of performances in various operating conditions.

Elaborate to ensure an upper protection than classical mineral oils, Mobil Super 2000 is recommended in normal to occasionally difficult operating conditions. Mobil Super 2000 protects your engine against the wear generated by the daily pressure of traffic jams, heat, and the multiple starts and stops.

It is perfect for newest technology gasoline and diesel engines.

Mobil Super 1000

Mobil Super 1000 is mineral engine oil engineered to ensure a high level of performances and protection in most situations.

Mobil Super 1000 is recommended for daily driving in normal operating conditions.

It is perfect for low power gasoline and diesel engines.  

Mobil Delvac

For more than 80 years, Mobil Delvac has been a reference on the lubricants market. Its technology is used by the best car manufacturers in the world.  

Mobil Delvac represents the commitment of ExxonMobil to research and development in order to offer state-of-the-art products and to allow vehicles to work at their maximal level of performance.

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

Mobil Delvac 1 – 5W-30

Fully synthetic oil for industrial diesel engines, engineered to guarantee an advanced protection of modern low-emission engines, to potentially improve fuel saving and to offer other benefits such as the engine longevity, the emission control system’s protection and the extension of the period between each oil change.  

Mobil Delvac MX 15W40

Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 is a high performance mineral oil for naturally aspired or turbocharged diesel engines, engineered to minimize engines wear and prolong their lifetime.

Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 is recommended for all diesel engines of commercial vehicles, 4×4s, buses, trucks, heavy plant machinery, generators,  boats….

Gearbox and differential oils

Mobilube 1 SHC

Mobil Tahiti

Mobilube 1 SHC – 75W-90

High performance 100% synthetic oil for highly requested mechanical transmission and rear axle of road vehicles.

It is recommended for any mechanical transmission of passengers’ cars, commercial vehicles, heavy truck, bus, etc. following the instructions.

Mobil Rarus SHC 1000 : 1024, 1025, 1026

Mobil Rarus SHC 1000 is fully synthetic oil with outstanding performances, destined to the lubrication of (fixed or mobile) air compressors of rotating, with screws or with palette types.  Minimized deposit formation.

Very long service period between 2 oil changes.

Mobilube HD

Mobilube HD 80W-90 and Mobilube HD 85W-140 oils must be used whenever a API GL-5 level of performance is requested for industry or car manufacturers.  


Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

Mobilube HD 80W-90

Mobilube HD is very high performance oil for mechanical transmissions and axletrees.

It is recommended for passengers’ cars, commercial vehicles 4X4, etc.

Mobilube HD 85-140

Mobilube HD 85W-140 is high performances oil for the lubrication of highly loaded and submitted to great pressures heavy trucks and heavy plant machinery axletrees.


Mobil ATF

Mobil Tahiti

Mobil ATF is a high performance mineral oil for the lubrication of passengers and commercial vehicles’ automatic and manual transmissions requesting a Dexron II D level of performance.

It is also recommended for power steering and hydraulic systems when an ALLISON C-4 is necessary.

Motorcycle & Speedboats oils

2 stroke

Mobil 2T oil

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

Mobil Special 2T

High performance 2 stroke engine oil for smaller cylinders motorcycles, brush cutter, chainsaw, blower, etc.

It is recommended for any 2 stroke engine, except 2 stroke speedboat engines.

Mobil Special 2T is pre-diluted to guarantee a stable mixture when added to fuel.

Mobil Extra 2T

The superior performance semi-synthetic oil for motorcycle 2 stroke engines, scooters, chainsaw, etc.  

It is especially recommended for the lubrication of 2 stroke engines which requires an API TC and JASO FC level of performance.

Mobil 1 Racing 2T

Super high performance 100% synthetic oil for 2 stroke engines.

It is engineered to exceed the highest performances levels requested by motorcycle manufacturers. It allows to  benefit of the maximum amount of engine power  thanks to its synthetic basis.

Mobil Outboard Plus

High performance oil designed to the lubrication of speedboats’ 2 stroke engine.

It guarantees an outstanding protection against deposit formation on pistons and prevents against ring sticking risks.  

Mobil Outboard Plus meets the NNMA TC-W3 requirements.

Mobil Outboard Plus is recommended by: Mercury, OMC, Nissan, Evinrude, Mariner, Mercruiser, Yamaha, etc.

4 Stroke

Mobil 4T oils

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti

Mobil Extra 4T

High performance semi-synthetic oil of high quality for 4 stroke motorcycle engine.

It is especially recommended for 4 stroke motorcycle engines and some nautical equipment when a API SJ or JASO MA standard is requested.

Mobil Racing 4T

Highly-developed 100% synthetic oil for 4 stroke motorcycles and speedboats engines.

It provides with the highest level of performance currently requested by manufacturers and allows benefiting of the maximum amount of engine power thanks to its synthetic basis.


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Mobil Tahiti


Mobil Tahiti


Mobil Tahiti


Mobil Tahiti