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Mobil fuels are engineered to optimize your engine performances. So, drive with confidence with Mobil fuels!

Mobil Tahiti
Mobil Tahiti


Mobil unleaded gasoline
The Mobil unleaded gasoline is a high quality unleaded gasoline which octane rate is higher than 95.
The Mobil unleaded gasoline maintains the cleanliness of motor parts and cleans dirty engines (carburetors, injectors, and valves amongst others).

 Composition and use:
– Octane rating: Moteur (MON): 85 Recherche (RON): 95
– Main components and additives: Detergents, anti-corrosion, antioxidants, demulsifying
– Compatibility: Compatible with all types of fuel vehicles motors put into circulation since July 1990

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Mobil Tahiti


Why the introduction of the 10 ppm Diesel?
The 10 ppm diesel is a clean fuel that allows protecting the environment by producing much less particles in the atmosphere than usual diesel.  Thanks to this effective fuel, diesel particulate filters are protected, thus the engine lifetime and performances are enhanced.

What are the benefits of the 10 ppm Diesel?
This fuel optimizes the consumption of you vehicle thanks to a more complete combustion:
– Meets the highest requirements of car manufacturers
– Extend your engine lifetime
– Optimizes the running of vehicles equipped with the last generation of car catalysts which eradicate
– Decrease particles emissions of diesel engines whether they are equipped or not with diesel particulate filters.  

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